Why YOU need a miracle box

This is a pregnancy & postnatal exercise blog and I set it up to give good and practical advice and not to do blatant advertising for The Miracle Box, but I do want to make all mums to be aware of this product. Based around a high quality birth/exercise ball, the Miracle Box gives you lots of extras such as pregnancy and postnatal exercise charts with great quality images and professional instructions. Most midwives will recommend you get yourself a birth ball because they can help you get baby in the correct position for the birth and cut down on your time in labour (and their time at work), but there is so much more you can do with them such as get your figure back afterwards!

This is what midwife Vicky Feeney from www.liverpoolindependentmidwives.co.uk has to say.

I recommend birth balls to all of my clients. They are great antenatally to aid posture and balance as well as being ideal to use during exercise. During labour they can be used in several ways as a means of support and to open the pelvis up to its widest diameter. I carry one for myself as a midwife in labour to sit on to ease my tired back! Vicky Feeney

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