Jessica’s Trust: Raising awareness of Childbed Fever

What is Childbed Fever?

I’d never heard of it, until I got a follow on Twitter today from Ben Palmer of Jessica’s Trust.

I didn’t think too much about it and I followed back, but later in the day I visited another website, that of a colleague, and I saw another link to Jessica’s Trust, so I’m intrigued and want to find out more.

Jessica Palmer

Jessica Palmer

It’s now an hour later, and I’m sitting here with a heavy heart. I’ve spent that hour on Ben’s  website reading about childbed fever and the unnecessary death of Jessica, a young mother of two beautiful children.

It’s absolutely tragic to think that 2 children had their mother taken away in the prime of her life. It’s tragic to think of the impact on Ben’s life and the rest of Jessica’s family. And it’s tragic to think that it could, and should have been avoided.

So what is it exactly?

Childbed fever is an infection of the womb in new mothers which can lead to septicaemia. If left untreated, infection will cause organ failure and death – even in young, fit mothers.

What is the aim of the trust:

Jessica’s Trust want every parent, doctor, and midwife to know that childbed fever is still a very real threat to a mother life.

So, can we help?

Yes we can. There are several ways to help raise awareness of Jessica’s Trust and Childbed Fever.You can,

Visit the website and learn about the Trust

Make a donation

Sign the petition

Add a banner or button to your website or facebook page

Tell everyone you know

Follow Ben on and tweet about the Trust

All of the above 🙂

I’m amazed that this kind of thing can still happen and we all need to make people aware of it, especially those of childbearing age. If we can stop this awful story happening to another family, then at least something good has come of it.

You can find all the symptoms at the website


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