Have you got your Hospital Bag Check List?

Hospital Bag Checklist

Try to avoid packing a heavy suitcase suitable for a two-week holiday. Your partner, family and friends can always bring in extra items. Unless you find yourself giving birth in an emergency situation and have not had a chance to pack a bag, most maternity units will expect you to supply most of the items that you well need during labour and your stay after the birth. Pack well in advance. Have your hospital bag packed by the 36th week at the very latest. Put all the items your need in the bag, including maternity notes and birth plan etc.. Do not think you will have time to pack it when your contractions start.

Must have items for mum…
* Maternity notes and birth plan
* Nightdress or large t-shirt for labour (with front opening if planning to breastfeed)
* Slippers
* Socks. Your feet might get cold during labour
* Personal toiletries/Washbag/Makeup/Hairbrush
* Towel
* Sanitary towels
* Nursing pads
* Disposable panties
* Change of clothes for after labour and for going home (with front opening if planning to breastfeed)
* Loose change for parking and phone

Optional items

* Camera
* Tens machine
* Other pain relief: massage oil/aromatherapy oil/labour bath ease
* Nipple cream/breast soothers
* Nursing bra (if planning to breastfeed) or support/sleep bra
* Lip balm
* Music/magazines/books
* Drinks and energy snacks for you and your birth partner

Must have items for baby…

* Two bodysuits
* Two sleepsuit
* Hat
* Scratch mittens
* Cardigan or warm outfit to go home (depending on the weather)
* Blanket
* Newborn nappies (7-10)
* Cotton wool balls or baby wipes

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