Heated Birth Pool Hire

The Complete 5 week Birth Pool Hire Package from the Miracle Box… 

The Miracle Box/Aquabirth heated birthing pool offers comfort, relaxation and peace of mind…

The birthing pool is heated and filtered making it an ideal space for calm relaxation in the days before your birth. The pool can be used to relax in with your partner or tire the kids out before they go to bed. It will become part of the furniture, part of your everyday routine.

The heated birthing pool is supplied with a heater filtration and water maintenance system, padded rails for added comfort. Its size makes it ideal for long active labours with room for your partner in the birthing pool if you wish.

Our birthing pools are heat maintained so that you can completely relax before and after the birth of your baby.

Features of the heated birthing pool

1. Secure lockable cover to keep condensation in and pets and children out
2. Large size (approx 5ft3″/1600mm diameter) suitable for active birth
3. Padded, easily graspable rails for comfort and complete flexibility of movement
4. Straightforward, quick assembly
5. Heat regulation thermostat with digital display, allowing you and your partner to concentrate on the birth rather than the water temperature
6. Lightweight insulated walls and cover for greater heat retention
7. Efficient water maintenance and filtration system allowing 7 days continual use without the fuss of topping up while in labour
8. Reinforced, non rip main liner.
9. The base is hollow, allowing you to put extra padding under the liner

To find out more visit: the miracle box birthing pool

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